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Creating Students Accounts

Elementary (Spring 2011)
If you want to use Google Apps with your students you will need to create a Google Apps account for them. To do this:
1. Go to Infinite Campus and find your student roster.
2. Click on an individual student find the 'Google Apps' tab

3. After clicking on 'Create Account' you will see both the username and password for the student.

*Notice the username follows this naming conventions:
First Initial of First Name
, First 3 of Last Name, Day of Birth, The Last 4 digits of your student ID #
Example for Mark Sanchez it would be msan146454
(Mark was born on the 14th. If he was born on the 3rd it would be msan36454 note we did not use the 0 in front of the 3)

4. You will need to share this information with your students. You could use a spreadsheet to keep a record of your
student accounts. If you leave the page that displays the password you will not be able to see it again. That is why you want to copy it to a spreadsheet. If you forget, you can just hit the 'Reset Password' link again and generate a new password. Once logged in students can reset their password to something easier to remember under 'account settings'

5. Before you issue the students their usernames and passwords take extra care to inform you students that these are school account are only to be used for school purposes. Your emphasis of appropriate expectation will go a long way in ensuring these accounts are used accordingly.

Middle and High School
It is likely all of your students already have accounts. Still, if you are starting a new project it never hurts to restate what your expectations of how Google Apps are to be used. If a student forgets a password you can reset it by following the steps above or by following these steps.