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Transferring Sites

fivestarschools.org TRANSFERRING Google SITES adams12.org
Google sites are virtual “places” which have addresses -  
When you move your Google site from fivestarschools.org to adams12.org, it is like you are taking your house and moving the whole thing down the street to a new address.

You can move your entire Google site! 

It CAN be done! It DOES require attention to details, which are listed below. 

It is another opportunity to clean up after yourself!  


                           NOTE: The web address for your site will change.

                           Have you linked your site to another site?

                           Have you shared your web address?

                           How will you let people know that you moved “down the street”?


DON'T panic! You have until June 30, 2012 to make the move! 

The directions tell you how to:

A.  Identify the sites that you want to transfer to your new Google account

B.  Share the site with your new Google account

C.  Make a copy of the site in your new Google account

D.  Become the owner of the site in your new Google account


Sounds easy?  It is!

      The directions are very detailed.

                There are many images so that you don’t get lost!

BUT there are people willing to help should you get lost.  You can call the IT Help Desk at ext. 4120.


Go to Home and log  in to your OLD Google account. Your will use your old password, not the login and password that you use to logon to a District computer.


A. To find the site(s) that you want to transfer   to adams12.org, you can view a list of your sites or you can search your sites using the search box in the upper right corner.

You will transfer one site at a time.

A.1 Select a site and click on it to open it. Once it is open, click on the More Actions button in the top right corner.


B.  Click on Site Permissions 


B.1 Enter your address at adams12.org  Click on the box in front of “Notify…” to avoid getting extra email. You MUST click on the drop down menu on the right and select Is Owner. Click on Share & save.


  B.2 Two warning boxes will open after you click Share & Save. The first will ask you if you really want to do this without sending an email.  Click OK. The second will ask you if you want to share this site with someone outside of the fivestarschools.org domain.  Click Yes. 



B.3 IMPORTANT! Before you leave the site in fivestarschools.org, highlight the URL (web address), right click on the mouse, and select Copy.  You MUST do this!


B.4 Log out of your fivestarschools.org account  Return to  googleapps.adams12.org and log in to your new Google account.


C.   When your new Google account opens, click on Sites.  Do not be alarmed when you do not see the site that you just transferred.  There are a few more steps to complete.  


C. Paste the URL (from the old fivestarschools.org site) into the web address bar at the top of your screen. Press Enter on your keyboard and the site will open.


C.1 Once the site opens, click on More Actions.     

C.2 One the next menu click on Manage Site.


C.3 On the next menu click on General. 

C.4 On the next menu scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Click on Copy This Site.


C.5 On the next screen, type the name of your Google site into the box.  You can use the same name, you do not need to change it. As you type in the Site Name Google will automatically create the new URL in the second box. 


C.6 You MUST click on Copy site! If you fail to click on that button, then you will not have created a copy of the site.


 D.Your “new” site will open.  Notice that the web address now says adams12 instead of fivestarschools.org. Now when you check your list of sites in Google, your site will be listed.


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Aug 30, 2011, 4:56 PM