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Transferring Documents

TRANSFERRING  adams12.org
Now is a good time to clean out your Google filing cabinet.
Think of your Google account as a big filing cabinet. Your filing cabinet might be really organized and everything is in a file.  Your filing cabinet might be really messy and everything is dumped into one drawer.
This move is different! The GOOD news is that you do not need to load boxes and carry them to a new location.  The bad news is that 
                                       moving can't happen automatically.  You will move the documents
                                       that you want to keep to your adams12.org Google account.
DON'T panic! You have until June 30, 2012 to make the move!
Read the following directions carefully. You will be fine!
The directions tell you how to:
     A. Identify the documents that you want to transfer to your new Google account
     B. Share the documents with your new Google account
     C. Become the owner of the documents in your new Google account
Sounds easy? It is!
     The directions are very detailed.
           There are many images so that you don't get lost!
                   A PDF of the directions is attached to the bottom of this web page.
BUT there are people willing to help should you get lost. You can call the IT Help Desk at ext. 4120.

Go to googleapps.adams12.org and log  in to 

your OLD Google account. Your will use your old password, not the login and password that you use to logon to a District computer.


Click on the box in front of every document that you would like to transfer to your new Google account.  A checkmark will appear in the box.



On the right side of the screen you will see a list of choices.   You can tell how many items you have selected.  Click on Share.

 In the box on the next screen, type in your new Google account,  ‘universal ID’@adams12.org  For example, type in smi555555@adams12.org

Click on the box beside “Notify people via email” so that the checkmark goes away and you don’t get unnecessary emails. Click on Share & save

A message will appear warning you that you are sharing your document outside of fivestarschools.org.  Click on YES.  
Log out of your old Google account. Go back to google.adams12.org and click on “Documents” to log in to your new Google account. You will use your Adams 12 universal ID and password.  
 When your new Google account opens you will see your documents that you just shared from our old account.  

When you share your documents from  your old Google account to your new Google account:

        - Your old Google account is the

          “owner” of the documents

        - You can still share the document with


        - If you want to be the owner of the

          document in your new Google

          account, you will need to:

                -  Open the document

                -  Save a copy of the document

                -  You will be the owner of the


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