Copy a personal Google Site to your school account

Ok, so you made an awesome site using your own gmail account and now you want to get it under the umbrella. Here is how you do it:

Go to your site in your personal account and pick 'Share' from the 'More actions' button

Next, share the site with your account and make yourself an 'Owner'

Return the home page of the site and copy the URL. Then 'sign out'

After you sign out, find the link below the sign in box that says 'Sign in with a Google Apps Account'

Enter your email address:

Log in to your Google Apps account

You will then see a page like this:

Click on that site and go to 'More actions' and 'Manage this Site'

Pick 'General' and scroll down to 'Copy this site'

Give your site a name you like and hit 'Copy site'. Notice that is being created under your account.
Your site is now copied over to your account.

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