Conflicting Accounts

Right now we have 77 users that created a regular 'Google Account' using their account to access different services like Blogger. Our transition to the new user accounts will conflict with these 'Google Accounts' and will not allow users to access the services they were previously using. Like Blogger. The solution is messy, but necessary. 

The screen shot below is what you will see when you, or your students, try to access a service signed up for using their accounts:

If student have their own non-Google email address use that option. If they do not, select the first option. They will then create a Gmail address that does not use the username of their address. We are only  creating this account to transfer their blog in to their account.

Using this newly created account student can sign in to their blog and export it. Once exported they can access Blogger through their account and import all of the posts from the old blog. Follow the instructions here. When that process is finished instruct the students to delete that account.